Monday, April 03, 2006

Family gets surprise from a can of Pepsi

Family gets surprise from a can of Pepsi
from Fresno ca april.3.2006

The man and his wife bought a 12-pack of Pepsi at a Clovis store about 2 weeks ago. He tried to drink one of the cans but couldn't get it open. He used a screwdriver to get inside and found a secret compartment!
What the family saw next made them call Fresno police. Gloria. whose husband opened can said, "He popped it off, and that's what he found inside. He said, look here what I found inside. I said oh my God, that looks like drugs. I said, don't touch it. Don't open it. Let's call somebody."
Fresno Police came out to the family's home and confiscated the can and the rest of the soda from the package.
The family also called Pepsi and was told that the company would investigate.

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